Healthy Sweet Potato Quinoa Patty’s Vegan GF

Super Healthy Sweet Potato Quinoa Patty’s with a make in advance and freeze option!

Sweet Potato Quimoa Patty Sweet Potato Quimoa Patty

What says Friday more than a burger/patty?!

Two of my favorite carbs come together nicely here ;-) I will eat two of these bad boys! They make a perfect addition to a salad or a great main meal with some veggies on the side!
I had to make some of these and freeze them for July 4th! They are going to make the yummiest grilling food! (I don’t grill, Nick does, I’m not ready to play with that thing… I’ll stick to the kitchen lol)


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Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies

Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies -Vegan -GF -Soy Free

These Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies are -Vegan -GF -Soy Free and completely breakfast approved! who wouldn’t want a chocolate breakfast!?  I can’t believe it’s already July 1st summer is flying by SO fast! ….  well whats better than a cookie for breakfast? especially when it’s CHOCOLATE!!!! … ummmm Nothing! These Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies are perfect… 

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Baked Sweet Potato HASH

Baked Sweet Potato Hash

Super easy, super healthy, super de-lish! Baked Sweet Potato Hash! Prep ahead option! So comforting! Sweet potatoes, there’s just something about them… Baked, sautéed, chunks, frys, even microwaved! I love them! I made this one day as just a way to use up a couple sweet potatoes that I had totally forgotten I bought! I put… 

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Best Ever Healthier Chocolate Brownies

Best Ever Healthier Chocolate Brownies – Vegan – GF – Soy Free – Refined Sugar Free

One Bowl Best Ever Healthier Brownies – Vegan – GF – Soy Free – refined sugar free Extremely dense and moist and SO chocolaty! definitely calls for a glass of almond milk!   Ok guys and gals! These have got to be the BEST brownie I have EVER made! I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure… 

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Healthy Easy Lemon Lime Sorbet

Healthy + Easy Lemon Lime Sorbet

Healthy + Easy Lemon Lime Sorbet  is cool and refreshing AND the perfect summer treat! I love summery treats that are cold! This sorbet is such a delicious breakfast on a relaxing weekend morning or a hot summer afternoon! The texture is creamy, smooth and cold. I’ve been hooked on sorbet’s and smoothies for breakfast, there’s… 

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Lemon Lime Spritzer

Lemon Lime Spritzer

Easy Healthy alternative to sugary soda’s!this Lemon Lime Spritzer has Only 4 ingredients! Ok, pop/soda is SOOO bad for you! This Lemon Lime Spritzer will give you the feeling of drinking soda without the guilt or un-healthy side effects! My new obsession is this lemon lime combo! I can almost guarantee this won’t be the… 

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No-Bake POWER Bars

No-Bake POWER Bars -Vegan -GF -Soy Free -refined sugar free

these No-Bake POWER Bars are -Vegan -GF -Soy Free refined sugar free and seriously about to change the way you think about your current “protein bar” all natural POWER bars never tasted SO good!     POWER bars, protein bars, energy bars, snack bars, meal replacement bars …. there’s a million names this thing could… 

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Healthy Summer Toasted Quinoa

Healthy Summer Toasted Quinoa Vegan -Gluten Free- Soy Free

Healthy Summer Toasted Quinoa Vegan -Gluten Free- Soy Free super healthy, packed full of flavor and fresh ingredients! perfect side dish or main meal! also Chard wrap option!  Ok, so I’ll be honest I haven’t really cooked with Quinoa much until NOW! I had only probably cooked it once before and it was years ago… 

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garden beginning

Our Garden 2015

    Garden garden garden! 2015! Besides the hot weather which I loveeee! Gardening has got to be one of the MANY best things about summer! I’m going to show you what we’ve got going on so far…. I’ll update again once we have food growing!

Mixed Berry Burst Smoothie

Mixed Berry Burst Smoothie

cold, refreshing, sweet and healthy! perfect for a summer breakfast or afternoon treat!  Happy Fridayyyy! … For me Friday is already a “Happy” day so what could make it even better? Bright colored food of course! And when the bright food is healthy, that makes it just THAT much better! So I’m sitting on my… 

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Healthy Oil Free Sweet Potato Frys

Healthy Oil Free Sweet Potato Frys Vegan

these Healthy Oil Free Sweet Potato Frys are Vegan-Oil Free- Salt Free- Guilt Free  these HEALTHY sweet potato fry’s are the perfect mid-week pick me up! they taste like a complete comfort …side/snack/meal but there is litereally no-guilt in these bad boyz! this is straight up good-for-you carbs with a super tasty taste!