Grilled PB&J Vegan

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Grilled PB&J vegan –  the grown up version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Super quick and easy!

Grilled PB&J

Ok guys, if you’ve already been on this wagon of grilling your PB&J sammies then your awesome and I’m late to join the club!
BUT if you haven’t then say hello to your  new best friend! The good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich is made more grown up and tastes almost like a dessert! trust me on this you won’t be sorry! 😉


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Easy One Pot Veggie Pasta Dish

Easy One Pot Pasta Veggie Dish – Vegan – Gluten Free

Share the food love!This Easy One Pot Pasta Veggie Dish is a super quick no fuss lunch or dinner! I eat pasta dishes several times a week because they are so simple and filling! I like to switch it up between different kinds of pasta to keep it interesting! Summer is nearing end boo! But… 

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Spicy Garden Salsa

SPICY Garden Salsa -Vegan -Gluten Free

Share the food love!Spicy Garden Salsa! Upon first bite it’s all good but just wait the burn is coming! So here is the spicy salsa! It’s pretty similar to the sweet except it has a couple more peppers plus a jalapeño pepper added ( we only added 1 if your really daring you can add… 

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Frosty and Frys

Frosty and Fry’s Vegan

Share the food love!Super easy summertime treat! Frosty and Frys Vegan and Gluten Free! Ok this is seriously the best combo ever! I have been eating Frosty and Frys for as long as I can remember ! It used to be Wendy’s frosty’s but obviously I don’t eat that anymore so I had to create my… 

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sugar cookie pop tarts

Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts -Vegan

Share the food love!Chewy and crunchy, sugary and sweet! Vegan Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts!  step by step pictures! WARNING! if you come here for only healthy recipes you may want to skip this post! I had an idea that I just HAD to make happen! so SUGAR OVERLOAD is going on here today! 😉 if your cool… 

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Chipotle Veggies over Rice

Chipotle Veggies over Rice Vegan Gluten Free

Share the food love!Chipotle Veggies over Rice Vegan Gluten Free is a super quick and easy meal to make for dinner and have leftovers for lunch the next day!  Spicy! Chipotle Veggies over Rice! If you have seen my other rice/veggie dishes like my Veggies Fried Rice you probably know I’m not much for spicy… 

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garden tomatos

Garden Update # 2 2015

Share the food love!GARDEN UPDATE # 2 2015!!! these are some of our peppers! last year our tomatoes grew fast and the peppers were late, this year it’s completely opposite which might have something to do with our tomatoe pots I’ll explain below… but seriously the peppers just took off this year, a SPICY salsa… 

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Amazing Blueberry Muffins

Amazing Blueberry Muffins – Vegan

Share the food love! Amazing Blueberry Muffins thats are VEGAN! perfectly moist with a crunchy top! great for breakfast or an afternoon snack with some coffee!  ya know that muffin? the one that tastes so perfect with a cup of coffee? yeahhh you know what I’m talking about now! … well lately THIS Amazing Blueberry Muffin… 

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Sweet Garden Salsa

SWEET Garden Salsa -Vegan -Gluten Free

Share the food love!Sweet Garden Salsa! Perfect snack or appetizer and nothing can compare to homemade! It’s snack attach time! As I have mentioned, here comes salsa recipes! Side note: Let me start by saying if you love spicy then wait till next week I have a SUPEP hot one coming but if you love… 

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Yam Potato Mash

Yam Potato Mash – Vegan – Gluten Free

Share the food love!This super easy Yam Potato Mash is going to be your new favorite Healthy carb! This is super simple and has a sweet flavor! Ok so as if it’s not already obvious I have a serious carb addiction! I mean who doesn’t love carbs of ll kinds? It’s like the happy feeling… 

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Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

Chocolate Coconut Date Balls Vegan – Gluten Free – Soy Free – Refined Sugar Free

Share the food love!these Chocolate Coconut Date Balls are  Vegan – Gluten Free – Soy Free – Refined Sugar Free and the perfect grab n go bite of energy! super easy to make!    It’s the beginning of August! August is my favorite month because usually it’s the hottest month out of summer which makes me one… 

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