Healthy Veggie Salad Vegan GF Soy Free

Time to get your healthy on my friends!

this Healthy Veggie Salad  is going to make you look at salads in a whole new light!

your going to love the fried veggies mixed with the greens and walnuts!

Healthy Veggie Salad


it’s Mondayyyy! alright that sounded like I’m excited about that… to tell ya the truth Monday’s are NOT my favorite day,


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Apple Pie Oats

Apple Pie Oats Vegan GF Soy Free

This is the perfect Sunday breakfast sitting outside on the patio!  it tastes like an Apple Pie but super simple to make and such a comforting fall recipe with the aroma of cinnamon spreading through your house!   These Apple Pie Oats are SO SO SO yummy your house is going to smell AH-MAZING when… 

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Chocolate Coconut cake bites

Chocolate Coconut Cake Bites Vegan GF Soy Free

Your going to LOVVVEEE these Chocolate Coconut Cake Bites!!! if you love chocolate and coconut as much as I do then these are for you! plus as usual they are Vegan Gluten Free and Soy Free!    So if you love those “mounds” bars but your going or have already gone Vegan (or maybe your… 

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Chocolate Chip PB banana bread

Chocolate Chip PB banana bread Vegan Gluten Free Soy Free

ooo your going to love this bread! it is so satisfying for your carb-y bread, chocolate and PB cravings your going to fall in love!   plus it’s Vegan & Gluten Free       Hellooo my Peeps!   How was everyone’s weekend?! … we actually had some pretty nice weather here in MN, which made the pupperz’s… 

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Raspberry Pineapple Nana parfait

Raspberry Pineapple Nana Parfait Vegan GF Soy Free

your going to LOVE this Raspberry Pineapple Nana Parfait!  It is full of fresh fruit and that’s it! perfect for breakfast or a mid day pick me up ;-)      ya know how people say that you “eat with your eyes” welllll why not eat bright colorful sweet things like this! …  I don’t know about… 

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Peanut Butter Cake Vegan Gluten Free Soy Free

Peanut Butter Cake Vegan GF Soy Free

This Peanut Butter Cake will impress anyone who tastes it! Plus, it will impress anyone who makes it because of how EASY wait no QUICK and EASY it is to make!!! seriously no joke fast, simple, vegan, GF and SF like seriously its a winner all the way around! try it try it try it!!!…… 

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sun always shining

Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey everyone! I have been nominated by the super talented Mrs. Pumpkin n’ Spice Gayle  to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour!  You may have seen some of your favorite bloggers post this already but if your not familiar with it…  it just lets bloggers talk about what goes on behind the scenes of… 

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Sweet Debbies Donut Holes

Sweet Debbie’s Double Chocolate Chip Glazed Donut Holes

 Today I’m going to share with you a recipe from Sweet Debbie’s Organic Allergy Free Cookbook! Debbie was kind enough to send me a copy of her book to make and enjoy a whole lot of her delicious recipes!         These Double Chocolate Chip Glazed-Over Donut Holes are healthy!… they are Vegan,… 

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beauty favorites

Favorite Skincare and Makeup products

I thought I would share with everyone something a little bit different today, below are some of my favorite natural skincare products and favorite beauty products!     so in this post today you will see my Favorite Skincare and Makeup products I though I would take a break from the “normal” and give a little… 

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strawberry nanacreme with chocolate chips

Strawberry Nanacreme with Chocolate Chips Vegan GF

you will LOVE this Strawberry Nanacreme with Chocolate Chips because it is SO healthy for you, gives you energy and makes you feel great,  but it tastes like dessert!  it is Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free and extremely healthy QUICK AND EASY!   ok everyone!  Hope you all are having a beautiful Monday I’m going… 

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Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Cookies Vegan

ooey gooey pumpkin spiced cookies! vegan- and all the great flavors that you would expect from a cookie at this time of the year!    So…another pumpkin recipe! I know I’ve been using a lot of “spice” recipes lately but how can I resist… this time of year I crave spices like I crave chocolate…… 

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