Sprinkle Funfetti Cupcakes Vegan GF Soy Free

funfetti cupcakes

oh yeahhh it’s FUNFETTI Cupcake time!!!!

My mom’s birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

I made these cupcakes yesterday for her birthday ;-)


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Chunky Monkey Nice Cream and Cups

Chunky Monkey Nice Cream and Cups Vegan GF Soy Free

I Scream, you Scream we all scream for NICE CREAM the best quilt free midnight snack ever! texture of ice cream, taste of chocolate and PB! PLUS a fun way to make and freeze for later! Nice Cream Cups!!!

IG round up

Instagram Round-Up #1

  HAPPY Friday everyone!!! So lately I have been sharing some of my breakfast Smoothie’s and Nice Creams and random recipes on my Instagram and I thought I would start a little IG Round-Up series posting the random recipes that I share on IG that may seem repetitive if I were to actually post them as… 

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Blissful Protein Bites

Blissful Protein Bites -Vegan -GF -Soy Free

OMGEEE these are so de-lish! I love snacking on nuts but these are even BETTER!!! Do you love bit-sized snacks? ones that are healthy? give you energy? then stick with me and check out this recipe!

Cinnamon PB Oat Chocolate Nut Cookies

Cinnamon PB Oat Chocolate Nut Cookies Vegan GF Soy Free Oil Free

  Cinnamon PB Oat Chocolate Nut Cookies… these are a doosey now … they are … Vegan-GF-Soy Free-Oil Free-Egg Free! and guess what? they still tastes AH-mazing!!! the texture is almost like a oatmeal raisin cookie this was not easy to make a cookie that was free of all this things listed above but still tastes… 

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Hi! I run online Health + Fitness groups to help people who are struggling to either lose weight, gain more energy OR  get back on track with their health! These groups are geared towards people who want to either transition into the vegetarian vegan diet OR simply want to include more vegan plant based recipes… 

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raspberry nice cream

Raspberry Nice Cream for Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day is coming!!! I know chocolate is a MUST but why not start your day out healthy so you don’t have to feel so bad, when you end it with chocolate!!! this Raspberry Nice Cream for Valentine’s Day! is so pretty and is the perfect breakfast on that special day!

chocolate banana muffins 1

Chocolate Banana Muffins Vegan GF Soy Free

Helloooo Chocolate!   trust me your’ going to love me for these Chocolate Banana Muffins VEGAN, GF and Soy Free!!!

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I am so excited to share this blog with you… over there  you will find  health and fitness tips, pictures of my lil fur-babies my life! beauty and fashion, Inspirational things AND you can hop over to my about page to see how I totally turned my life from stress and anxiety to happy and… 

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chocolate PB ice cream

Healthiest Chocolate Peanut Butter “Ice Cream” Vegan GF

hellooo New year!!! 2015 is going to be full of super healthy recipes BUT you won’t even notice they are healthy this is the Healthiest Chocolate Peanut Butter “Ice Cream” ever!!! it’s  Vegan & GF   I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and New year! I spent a lot of time with family and… 

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BEST EVER Chocolate PB Granola Bars

Best Ever Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars Vegan GF Soy Free

  Hellooo Chocolate and Peanut Butter!!! if your like me and you eat granola bars like ALLL the time them meet your new best friend! how was everyone’s Holiday?! I hope it was great and filled with lots of love and spending time with family