Healthy Pear Almond Salad

this Healthy Pear Almond Salad is so fresh and has an oil free dressing free option! the pear and almonds give a sweet-ness and crunch, everything you need in a salad! 

Healthy Pear Almond Salad

this is SO un-related to this Healthy Pear Almond Salad but do any of you have dogs that WILL NOT go out in the rain?

it’s raining pretty steady here and it’s already the afternoon and my pups won’t go out to pee! they refuse! they stand there and look at me like? yo mom, you crazy if you think I’m goin out there! ;-)

seriously not to sound even more CRAZY but I even picked them up and went out there holding an umbrella over them!!! I know insane right? turns out, the umbrella FREAKED them out! they ran in so fast! ;-) LOL

I guess they are just gonna hold their pee… (they havn’t went out since last night!)


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Gooey Chocolate Almond Coconut Stacks

Gooey Chocolate Almond Coconut Stacks

these Gooey Chocolate Almond Coconut Stacks are Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free … they are Gooey, Chewy, AND Crunchy! Soooo, are you a lover of coconut haystacks? mounds? almond joy? WELL me too but unfortunately those are all filled with a lot of nasties! let me introduce to you, these Gooey Chocolate Almond Coconut Stacks

peach mango berry smoothie

Mango Peach Berry Smoothie

OK! I have a few delicious and SUPER EASY smoothies coming your way! I LOVE starting my day out with fruit smoothies!  

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies Vegan GF Soy Free

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies Vegan GF Soy Free

  well HELLO there you crunchy peanut buttery piece of heaven!

Mango Berry Blast Swirl

Mango Berry Blast Swirl

  Refreshing+Sweet+Fruity perfect summer morning breakfast!

pasta salad

Easiest Fastest Pasta Salad -Vegan

Easiest Fastest Pasta Salad -Vegan   ok guys… I know I have been MIA for a lil bit and I’m SO sorry about that… there has just been a lot going on around here and I’ve been resorting to really easy plain food lately still healthy of course but easy fast things that would be… 

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fruity banana dream


  ***ARE WE FRIENDS YET?! Instagram Facebook and sign up for our email updates (link in the sidebar) FRUITY BANANA DREAM   Print FRUITY BANANA DREAM Recipe type: smoothie Serves: 1 Ingredients 3-4 handfuls of ice 1 frozen banana (extra for topping) 6 oz. Bolthousefarms amazing mango smoothie juice 4-6oz. Bolthousefarms strawberry banana smoothie juice… 

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chocolate covered peanuts

Easiest Chocolate Covered Peanuts Vegan GF SoyFree

  So ya know when you want a chocolaty snack but your too lazy to actually make something and everything “packaged” just doesn’t sound very good… say hello to the easiest chocolate covered peanuts EVER!

funfetti cupcakes

Sprinkle Funfetti Cupcakes Vegan GF Soy Free

oh yeahhh it’s FUNFETTI Cupcake time!!!! My mom’s birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her! I made these cupcakes yesterday for her birthday

Chunky Monkey Nice Cream and Cups

Chunky Monkey Nice Cream and Cups Vegan GF Soy Free

I Scream, you Scream we all scream for NICE CREAM the best quilt free midnight snack ever! texture of ice cream, taste of chocolate and PB! PLUS a fun way to make and freeze for later! Nice Cream Cups!!!

IG round up

Instagram Round-Up #1

  HAPPY Friday everyone!!! So lately I have been sharing some of my breakfast Smoothie’s and Nice Creams and random recipes on my Instagram and I thought I would start a little IG Round-Up series posting the random recipes that I share on IG that may seem repetitive if I were to actually post them as… 

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