simple clean vegan lifestyle

Simple Clean Vegan Lifestyle

Nourishing whole plant based meals made with simple everyday ingrdeints!

If you're tired of finding healthy meals that look SO delicious only to find out they have 15 or more ingredients that you have never even heard of? me to! That's why I have complied all my favorite every day healthy meals in this eBook. You will get 50+ recipes that are all Vegan- Gluten Free- Soy Free and Refined Sugar Free (mostly oil free too!) that you are going to love!  

What else is inside?

  • 62 of my favorite everyday meals that I make most often in real life.
  • information about protein, calcium, iron and more on a plant based diet.
  • my favorite supplements, skincare products, exercises and kitchen essentials.
  • inspirational quotes through out!
  • colored high quality pictures for each recipe.
  • everything is 100% VEGAN, Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free, 60 of 62 recipes are Soy Free and most of the are Oil Free!

rice stir fry

Rice Stir Fry

chocolate peanut butter nice cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream

green salad

Green Salad

About the Author

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Michele Elizabeth

I live in MN with my fience and two pups that we absolutely adore! I am extremely passionate about showing people that healthy eating doesn't need to complicated, stressfull or time consuming. I love to show people how to make SIMPLE meals with everyday natural ingredients and prep extras so that you never go reaching for the junk food...unless you want to of course because it's all about balance! I also have a lifestyle blog and share videos on YouTube! When I'm not working we like to go on long walks with the dogs, bike riding and enjoying time outside in our veggie garden!

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